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Video game addiction awareness:

Game starts with an acceptable limit, but it gradually increases to excess because it becomes intriquing, notable and compelling to player.

Online games take you with a fantasy world that provides you an instant gratification.

Exposure to game titles causes aggression this also exposure correlates with aggression inside real world.

Sustained gaming over extended periods of energy is recognized as exactly like the addictive behaviour experienced with addictive drugs.

Dr. Richard Gallagher said – “Getting highly associated with video games could become addicting, and parents have to be cautious about how many hours kids play," Following are a handful of important points by which you can easily see whether he's addicted to game or otherwise:

Video game addiction in children:

They spend the majority of their leisure time on computer video games

They fall asleep in school

Academic problem

They start lying about game use, so computer privileges aren't recinded from their store.

They have little time to see relatives and friends

They drop out of outdoor activities like picnic, clubs, sports, etc.

They get irritated once you ask them not play video gaming

Video game addiction in adults:

They get obsessed about on-line games or playing game titles

They start neglecting personal relationships with friends and family

They face difficulty in maintaining personal or professional responsibilities

They start lying to others about computer or game use.

They spend nearly all of their time thinking they could be playing a common game

They become so associated with getting referrals, they just don't get proper sleep

They start experiencing many physical problem like backaches, dry eyes or headaches after playing game titles

They sometime even loss their job

They have to face serious family issues and conflicts

They start ignoring warnings written by others

They frequently spend a disproportionate amount of money on computer-related items

Following are a couple of methods of treating game addiction:

Consult a specialist counselor

Try to balance between the time invested in video games and other responsibilities


Many countries like South Korea, China, the Netherlands, Canada, and also the United States, have opened many treatment centers for individuals struggling with video game addiction. One can also get various Video game addiction support groups on web. These online websites and group direct you towards orienting and pointing your problem in right direction. kody xbox live za darmo They provide various blog article, quiz that will definitely assist in identifying the grounds behind your addiction.